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  • New Product Development

    A new vertical stack Refrigeration Unit for a new range of commercial application portable refrigerators to be released early August 2018.

    We have been trialling this new eutectic refrigeration system, designed,engineered,  and manufactured here at Ozefridge. It is modelled on the very successful Ozefridge A480 12VDC unit.

    This new model has nearly double the refrigeration power of other DC portable refrigerators.

    During extensive trials in ambient temperatures between 18C and 44C, it was able to refreeze it’s eutectic plate, and maintain a 85 litre cabinet to below 4C temperature, with only two run periods per 24 hr day. The day time run was 2.5 Hours and the night run was 1.45 Hours.
    Initially this new ‘Vertical’ stack system will only be available to one client who requires an initial 50 units then batches of 100. Once this project advances we intend to produce a Marine version which will cope with much larger cabinets than systems now available..

    More later but here are some pics taken yesterday of the first batch of 50 being fabricated…

    The first two pictures are of the new condensing unit. One with and one without cover. The other pictures are of the first batch of 50 systems being fabricated.


    Without cover and with cover ^ .  Click on picture to enlarge