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    Prior to finalising an order, we put each cabinets details through our estimator to ensure that the system suggested is appropriate for the task and to provide specific power consumption estimates and run times.                                                                                 
    We paste in your cabinet details for an estimate related to your project.
    Please note:  If an estimate for your cabinet is required, please email your cabinet details (as in blue here) and we will email the results back to you with no obligation or cost. 
    Here is a sample..                                                                                                                

    It is futile to apply an efficient refrigeration system to an inefficient cabinet. While the refrigeration unit is responsible for removing heat from inside the cabinet, the cabinets insulation and construction materials are responsible for restricting heat from re-entering. It is like a ‘tug of war! Therefore the first consideration is the cabinet. Its size, insulation type and thickness, the lid/ door opening and the interior lining materials will all have a bearing on the selection of the most suitable package.

    Ozefridge only manufacture refrigeration systems to suit existing cabinets or cabinets built by others.  We don’t build cabinets, but here are some cabinet construction and system installation suggestions.


    Adequate cabinet insulation quality and quantity is essential when operating a refrigerator or freezer from limited power supplies. The lining materials used, cabinet shape, door / lid location and seal are all important to consider if best performance and power efficiency is to be achieved.

    Insulation thicknesses used in the manufacture of domestic type fridge freezers that operate from mains power, are simply inadequate when powering from a limited power source.

    While the refrigeration system removes heat thus lowering the fridge / freezer cabinet (and products within) to the desired temperature, the insulated fridge / freezer cabinet’s job is to restrict more heat from entering.

    Unfortunately no cabinet is 100% successful at resisting heat penetration and so the cabinet will eventually warm up requiring the system to run again. The more the cabinet can resist heat penetration and thus temperature rise, the longer the system remains off.

    As an example a good cabinet may be unable to prevent say 20 watts of heat per hour penetrating, therefore if the system applied can remove say 100 watts per hour of running it will have to run 20% of the time. The same system applied to a cabinet letting 80 watts enter will run 80% of the time, while a very poor cabinet letting more than 100 watts enter would see the cabinet temperature rise and the system run continually.

    For refrigerators we suggest a minimum of 75mm thickness of refrigeration grade urethane for walls and 100mm for the base. For freezers we suggest 100 mm for walls and 150mm for the base. (Heat rises as it attempts to penetrate the insulation therefore the base is most important and the top least important assuming it is not in direct sunlight.)

    The insulation must be vapour sealed (enveloped) and preferably lined with non heat conductive materials such as plastic or fibre-glass. If metal linings can’t be avoided, the metal must not run from the exterior to the interior without a broad thermal break. The same applies to lids / doors which should also have soft broad seals. Even the slightest seal gap will impair performance.


    Fig 1 & 2: (Top two sketches) Long, low cabinets and tall cabinets will produce stratification.
    (Variation of temperature) Some users prefer this as it allows items requiring
    different temperatures to be better catered for. For example, drinks are placed
    nearer the eutectic plate while the butter, veg etc is afar. A cabinet circulation
    fan can be used to agitate the cabinet air, even out the temperature and speed
    up product cool down.

    Fig 3: This sketch indicates that by installing the eutectic plate in the bottom of a
    tall cabinet, the stratification is increased to the point that the lower portion can
    be used to hold frozen items while the upper area can be used for normal fridge
    items. The grey divider indicated needs to be removable. (Often simply a towel
    or similar). This method is a compromise that while not a proper fridge / freezer
    combination cabinet, it will suit when frozen items are occasionally stored.

    Fig 4: (Bottom sketch) While top opening cabinets are more efficient, many prefer the
    convenience of front openers. This sketch indicates how the door can be part
    of the front providing ease of use without losing all of the cabinet’s air when
    opened. Use of storage containers inside the cabinet also helps to prevent loss
    of cold air.

    Generally the eutectic plate or plates are mounted as high as possible in the cabinet.


    The Ozefridge twin eutectic plate systems suit freezers larger than 100 liter and
    the ultimate fridge / freezer combination cabinet. (See Photos right.)

    The twin plate system refrigerates both sides of the freezer cabinet providing
    more refrigeration where needed. The fridge side is refrigerated via the heat

    Each twin plate system has one refrigeration unit coupled to your choice of
    either twin P32-29, P40-33 or the P53-35 (Thin) eutectic plates.
    (Plate sizes can be mixed)

    To refrigerate the adjacent fridge area a thermostat controlled fan (orange)
    pushes air through a hole in the dividing wall into a stainless steel duct located
    on the freezer side of the dividing wall. Air travels along inside this duct and
    back out into the refrigerator area providing cooling for the refrigerator side
    without mixing refrigerator and freezer air and reducing ice build up on the eutectic plates. Combined cabinet size should not exceed 250 liters and must be well insulated.

    Not only does the one Ozefridge twin plate system provide adequate refrigeration for the freezer, but also refrigerates the adjacent refrigerator cabinet.

    Photo right: This beautifully made fridge / freezer combination cabinet was owner constructed using Multipanel lining. The cabinet has Multipanel laminated over high density urethane sheet . It is essential that combination cabinets are properly insulated and sealed as this one is. Avoid metal for inner lining.

    The freezer compartment  has an Ozefridge Package Five twin system being a AW480 refrigeration unit coupled to twin T53-35-4 eutectic plates mounted on opposite sides of the freezer area.  (Talk to Ozefridge about applications)

    Photo bottom right : This picture is of the refrigerator compartment side of the same cabinet.
    The Thermo-Fan unit is located over a 75 mm hole through the dividing wall.

    When cooling of the fridge compartment is required, the remote digital thermostat powers the fan located in the dividing wall air hole forcing air through the 75 mm hole . This air from the refrigerator is cooled as it travels through then back into the fridge compartment via the other 75mm hole in the dividing wall. (Left side)

    Sketch below: Packages with twin eutectic plates. The package with twin plates use one AW480 refrigeration unit to refrigerate both of the eutectic plates. The eutectic plates can be a pair of any of our plate models. All twin plate systems should be the AW480 water cooled for best results.

    Twin plate & twin compartment operating options:
    Locate a twin in a properly insulated cabinet and use as a large freezer.
    Locate in one section of a divided cabinet and operate as a freezer and have a refrigerator in the second area controlled by a digital thermo/ fan unit.
    As above but operate both compartments as refrigerators.
    As above but operates one compartment only as freezer or refrigerator.

    Twin P53-35-4 plates are most commonly used for this application but other models may suit your cabinet dimensions better.

    The Ozefridge Twin (refrigerates the freezer compartment) and, along with the optional Thermo-fan kit, will also cool the adjacent refrigerator area.

    This is the most popular system for those starting out with a new refrigeration project.

    See sketch below

    This picture below shows a Digital thermo-fan kit with wiring harness. (Bottom picture)

    The Digital thermostat will sense when cooling is required in the
    refrigerator side and start the fan. The thermostat can be digitally set to suit your requirement accurately while also providing fridge cabinet temperature read out.

    The remote controller panel also has an on/off switch and an Auto/ Manual switch. This remote thermos fan controller panel matches the Ozefridge refrigeration unit’s controller panel. (See below)

    Temperature of the freezer area is controlled by the refrigeration unit’s
    digital controller.


    Programmable digital controllers with LED>remotesthermo-fan-layout

    As Ozefridge Industries Pty. Ltd. supplies refrigeration systems to be installed by others of whom we have no control over and into an existing or new cabinet that has insulation properties etc., that we have not supplied, we can not guarantee cabinet temperature outcomes or the system’s ability in this or any other quotation or statement.


    Refrigeration systems operating under extreme conditions require specific engineering and build considerations to enable performance as expected.

    Typically they must withstand erratic power supplies of different voltages, rough movement, high ambient temperatures, corrosive environments, extreme angles etc., all whilst performing efficiently and quietly. Built-in fail-safe is essential, but battery power consumption is usually most important.

    Each application of marine refrigeration is somewhat unique, therefore we prefer to interact with our clients and address needs individually.
    Buying a refrigeration system off the shelf or without first addressing the relevant issues, will most likely end in tears!


    Multi-voltage eutectic refrigeration is all we do and we do it very well.

    At Ozefridge our manufacturing standards are focused on their marine applications where users demand best possible materials, build quality and performance.

    Service, support and warranty? ……..Ask an Ozefridge owner.

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