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    Q1: We need refrigeration, so where do we start?

    A: First we suggest reading our web pages named; Products, Packages, Cabinet Tips and Why Eutectic to gain a broad understanding of the systems packages available. Then if you are unsure as to which system is most suitable, obtain inside dimensions, insulation thickness and any other relevant details of your cabinet or cabinet to be, and phone or email Ozefridge.

    Q2: What will we need to complete the project?

    A: The Ozefridge systems are complete pre-gassed and ready to install. To install the system you will need a helper, some hand tools and a hole saw to prepare a pipe entry hole through the cabinet. These items are listed in the installation manual. (The eutectic tank is sent dry to reduce freight cost and make fitting easier. The eutectic solution is readily obtainable.)

    Q3: Can I install the Ozefridge system myself?

    A: Anyone that can use basic tools should be able to install this system. With the help of an assistant and the installation manual supplied, the Ozefridge should be in and running in about *2 to 3 hours. If preferred we can recommend a local refrigeration company to supply and install your new system. (Important: *See note at the bottom of the FAQ’s)

    Q4: What about the gas and pipes?

    A: The system is pre-gassed with R134a. Simply locate the tank (or plate) and the refrigeration unit, *couple up the two pipes, open the valves and you are ready to power up. All described in the manual. (Important: *See note at the bottom of the FAQ’s)

    Q5: But what if I still have questions about the installation?

    A: At Ozefridge we are only a phone call away 24/7.

    Q6: Where should I locate the Refrigeration Condensing Unit?

    A: The need for the condensing unit to effectively dispose of the heat it removes from the cabinet, is paramount.
    Locate the unit in a dry location where air entering the condenser at the rear is not air that has exited the fan area.
    Do not locate the unit in a cupboard, under the bunk etc without separated air in and air out openings or using water cooling.

    Q7: Is it better for the refrigeration unit to be air cooled or water cooled?

    A: The Ozefridge AW480  system is both air and water cooled. This unit operates as air cooled only until the condenser temperature reaches 40C when the water cooling is added automatically and the fan switches to high speed. This digital control provides the best possible condensing, power efficiency and yet prevents over condensing.

    Q8: We are cruising the tropics soon, do we need water cooling for our refrigeration unit?

    A: Yes, the Ozefridge AW480 system is both air and water cooled, so you will not have condensing problems anywhere! The A480 with twin condenser fans is a competent air cooled option if water cooling is a problem.

    Q9: The Ozefridge condenser water cooling, how does it work?

    A: The model P3 pump kit is powered from the refrigeration unit. You simply connect the supplied vinyl food grade water pipes to the condensers two 10mm nipples and pump, connect the pump power lead to the refrigeration unit pump terminals on the AW480 or ER480 and switch the ‘plus water’ switch on. When required the pump will operate.

    Q10: What happens if there is a blockage in the water line or the pump fails?

    A: Being both air and water cooled, the system will continue cooling as a air cooled system albeit slower.

    Q11: Why does Ozefridge emphasize the importance of good condensing?

    A: The condenser disposes of the heat removed from your cabinet. The quicker and more efficiently this happens, the sooner the system switches off. Australia’s environment can be harsh, hot and dry and we have seen many under condensed European systems fail here because their engineering does not suit our conditions. And they fail when it is the hotest, just when you need refrigeration the most!

    Q12: Can I run the system from a 240 volt generator power when available?

    A: Absolutely, both the 12volt DC and the 240 volt AC supplies can remain connected at all times. When AC power is available, the system automatically uses that as a priority. When the AC generated or shore power is switched off, the ER480 will automatically resume operating from the DC supply. (The A480 & AW480 can be supplied with the optional AC-DC power converter)

    Q13: Where is the refrigeration gas stored?

    A: Ozefridge systems are supplied gas charged with refrigerant R134a. The required amount of gas is stored inside the refrigeration unit. *After coupling the pipes, two valves are opened to allow the system to operate. Explained in the owners manual.

    Q14: What about any future servicing?

    A: The Ozefridge system is similar to a domestic refrigerator, simple and reliable. Should repairs be required, any competent refrigeration mechanic can quickly connect to the external service valves for system analysis without welding or fitting additional devices. If preferred, the system valves can be closed off isolating the gases and the refrigeration unit sent to Ozefridge for repair.

    Q15: Is the refrigeration gas safe?

    A: The refrigerant gas used is the environment friendly and non-flammable R134a. The quantity is less than 180 grams. (<225 grams for twin plate systems)NO other gas should be substituted.

    Q16: Why does Ozefridge only manufacture eutectic systems?

    A: The eutectic system although more expensive initially, but has benefits and efficiencies that make it by far the most suitable refrigeration method where power supply is limited, erratic and varied. (See our page ‘Why Eutectic’)

    Q17: How can I estimate how often a system will run to re-freeze the eutectic solution in my cabinet?

    A: The easiest way is to use a container similar in size to the eutectic tank you intend using, (our 32-29 tank = 3.5Lt, 45-32 tank = 8Lt, 53-35 tank = 8Lt). Fill the container with water and place in your deep freezer for at least 6 or 7 days. Then put this frozen container high up inside your empty boat cabinet and see how long it lasts before totally thawing. This will give a guide as to how long each freeze / thaw cycle of a eutectic system will be. For example, if the test lasted 48 hours then your system will run for one freeze cycle every second day . Each re-freeze cycle will be approx 2.3 hours (small tank) to 4.7 hours long (large tank) and consume a total of approximately 12 to 25 amperes.

    Q18: Why is the Ozefridge digital ‘Sure-Thaw’ controll method so beneficial?

    A: It reads the actual eutectic mass temperature internally. Only Ozefridge has the ‘Sure-Thaw’ digital controller that guarantees proper freeze and thaw on each and every cycle. Without this unique control feature the systems’ function would be erratic with no means of ensuring that the eutectic benefit (phase change)is happening. Hold-over time is expanded with this method of controll.

    Q19: Does the ‘Sure-Thaw’ controller lower the power consumption?

    A: Absolutely, with proper eutectic phase-change guaranteed on each cycle by this unique controller, unnecessary compressor running is eliminated, run periods are optimized, and now with ECO2, battery drainage is minimal.

    Q20: Is it better to use the larger plate?

    A: Yes, if practical, the larger eutectic capacity provides greater hold-over and is more power efficient. Thin plates are best for twin plate projects and freezers.

    Q21: Why doesn’t Ozefridge weld the stainless steel eutectic plates to their base plate?

    A: Our eutectic tanks & plates are bolted together using a flexible seal and stainless steel bolts and nuts. This eliminates fractures that can occur in welded joints caused by the constant expansion and contraction.

    Q22: But aren’t aluminum plate evaporator systems cheaper.

    A: Yes they are, but try buying one with a decent warranty against gas leaks developing. The aluminum plate is soft and the refrigeration gases can easily be lost if the plate is punctured or corrodes when the anodized coating is scratched. Such happenings are common and cause contamination of the entire refrigeration system which can render it virtually useless. While costing less initially they will forever consume much more battery power and prove to be not so cheap in the long term.

    Q23: What advice do you offer when selecting a system?

    A : Be informed and purchase a system package that is appropriate for the application.
    Provide an ACURATE and honest description of your cabinets size, insulation and interior lining. Near enough is not good enough!
    Be aware that some companies offer systems bit by bit, so get quotes for ALL that is needed for a complete system and avoid paying through the neck for add-ons later that, after all, were essential for the system to operate correctly in the first place.

    Q24: We priced a comparable imported system recently, so why do Ozefridge systems cost so much less?

    A: We are the actual manufacturer with a more direct distribution to you. Our products do not suffer from the numerous mark ups that the imported models have built into their pricing. The Ozefridge system has more standard features, provides superior performance, yet costs less than any other similar systems, in fact half the cost of some equivalent imports!

    (NOTE: *Australia requires qualified persons do the refrigerant pipe connection! For others this process is fully explained)



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