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  • New Holdover Fridge Freezer

    Ozefridge Holdover Eutectic Fridge / Freezer..(Available soon)


    New and unique Ozefridge 80 litre Holdover Fridge & Freezer for commercial and serious users..

    Eutectic system usually only needs one run cycle per day with ECO2 o start / run when power is abundant.  The most powerful and robust 12 volt eutectic fridge freezer available anywhere. Ideal for serious users requiring reliable fridge freezer storage without killing the battery. In most situations one run per day is all that is needed and the smarts in this machine sees it doing its work when the host vehicle is running or solar is available.

    Cabinet with rear unit compartment overall dimensions:  620mm High x 455 Wide  x 820 Deep.     More detail to follow.

    Each stainless steel tray is 550mm long x 350 wide x 40 high.                                                                    (Click on pic to expand)

    Top tray is freezer  and ice maker.

    Next tray down is best for meat etc.

    Next  tray suits general food storage

    Bottom tray suits fruit and veg.

    Lowest level holds 32 standard cans.





    The rear mounted stainless steel housed equipment bay houses a multi-speed 3.5cc soft start 12VDC water proof compressor, massive three pass condenser and two speed water proof fan. This is by far the most powerful portable fridge freezer available and has been tested to 50C ambient.

    Refreezing the eutectic hold-over plate occurs automatically when abundant voltage is detected. (For example: Host vehicle motor running.)

    Due for release October 2018.

    First 100 units now being constructed and under test. Contact Ozefridge 0358732114 if you wish to express interest.