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    The separate items that make up a complete package are described below.  When a unit and cold plate(s) are selected to form a system package, we include in the package price all the fittings etc required to complete the installation


    REFRIGERATION Condensing Units 12VDC. (Prices in Au$ and include GST)


    We offer two condensing units: Model A480 is a fully optioned BE90 powered air cooled unit, and the other a  model AW480 also BE90 powered unit but both air & water cooled. These can match up to either  one or two stainless steel eutectic cold plates.

    Two models: A480 and AW480.

    The  refrigeration condensing unit is the heart of the Ozefridge system. All models have a stainless steel case neatly housing the BE90 compressor, condensers, electronics, fan, control system,  external refrigeration and electrical couplings.

    Both models are *240mm wide x 260 deep and 185 high.  8.7Kg. (* plus couplings) 



    Right: A480 Details:  With relocatable control panel on the front. (12 or *24 volt DC) The model A480 is a compact air cooled condensing unit capable of refrigerating any of the Ozefridge cyclic or eutectic plates. With BE90 3.5cc compressor with 550 BTU output @-10C & 2500 RPM. This unit has a large triple pass condenser with twin two speed fans to provide high refrigeration output. Fully equipped with digital control system and ECO2 power management built-in. Au$1051.30 (Incl GST) 

    Left: AW480 Details: This is the ultimate and most powerful 12 volt refrigeration unit. 

    Operating from 12VDC or *24VDC, this  BE90 3.5cc compressor powered  AW480 refrigeration unit is both air and water cooled providing the highest refrigeration output and efficiency. Most suited to larger cabinets or cabinets requiring twin eutectic plates and for operation in extreme conditions. (Tropics)

    This unit will easily refrigerate any of our standard range of eutectic cold plates. Fully equipped with digital control system, thermostatically controlled condensing and ECO2 power management built-in.  Au$1256.30



    EUTECTIC Cold Plates: 

    Stainless Steel Eutectic Plates: (4 sizes x 2 thicknesses)

    Portrait eutectic plates (right) are best suited to taller cabinets, otherwise Landscape plates are a better option. Plates are normally mounted high inside the cabinet.
    Note: Pipe line normally exits left as shown and is nominally 2 meters long.


    Model P33-29-6  322mm x 290 x *58 OD. Capacity 195 Watts (*or 42 Capacity 85 Watts)   (Fridge cabinet up to 90Lt ) $645.15

    Model P40-33-6  400mm x 330 x *58 OD. Capacity 280 Watts (*or 42 Capacity 127 Watts) (Fridge cabinet up to 150Lt) $671.30

    Model P53-35-6  530mm x 355 x *58 OD. Capacity 433 Watts (*or 42 Capacity 212 Watts)  (Fridge cabinet up to 250Lt)  $720.30

    Model P65-53-6 650mm x 530 x *58 OD. Capacity 935 Watts (*or 42 Capacity 382 Watts) (Fridge cabinet up to 400Lt)  $1072.60

    Note: All dimensions are overall and include mounting offset.

    Or freezers to similar capacity with twin eutectic plates from one condensing unit.



    1: Eutectic plate case pressed from 316 grade stainless steel.

    2: Rear mounting plate has wall offset included.

    3: Mounting holes at rear on off-set back-plate mount.

    4: S.S. Bolted construction with flexible seal.

    5: Decal indicates orientation. (This one is ‘Portrait’)

    6: Single hose 25mm Diam, houses pipes and wiring.

    7: Spare twin wire from the condensing unit.

    8: Sure-Thaw’s temperature sensor reads from deep inside the eutectic mass ensuring proper eutectic operation.

    9: Brass filler. Eutectic solution is best filled after mounting.

    10: Pipes, brass filler and temperature probe are normally fitted on top for exiting to the left. (Order for exiting right if preferred.)

    11: Polished stainless steel case with rounded surfaces allows for easy cleaning and resistance to damage.

    12: Stainless steel screws for mounting the eutectic plate(s) and unit are supplied.

    13: Offset mount allows the rear of each plate to assist cooling and angled corners accommodate round cabinet edges.

    CYCLIC Cold Plates:

    Aluminium Cyclic Plates: (DISCONTINUED)

    •  White coated aluminium 380mm x 350 with 2 meter pipe run and flare fittings.
    • Single aluminium plate Au$179.00 
    • Twin aluminium plates AU$340.00




    TEMPERATURE Control and switch panel: (Standard on A480 & AW480  units)

    The AW480 and A480 models both include control panels mounted on the front but on a relocatable stainless steel plate.(Remote location 3Mt. kit is optional = Au$80.00 



     Controller provides the following standard features:

    The Ozefridge ‘Sure-Thaw’ eutectic control method.

    The digital controller is actually sensing the eutectic mass’s temperature allowing the system to refreeze the eutectic mass before cutting off, then thawing correctly (through phase change) before restarting. This ensures it operates truly as a eutectic system.

    The controller is easily programmed with memory retention. It has a large LED display along with a compressor run / delay indicator.

    The LED is a fault indicator, flashing a sequence if a problem occurs. (Details of the indicated sequence are in the manual)

    The left side switch is simply an on / off switch. ‘Off’ allows the system to ‘Sleep’.

    The ‘Manual / Auto’ switch is normally on Auto. Should a controller problem occur or the fridge is being loaded, then ‘Manual’ can be used. This bypasses the control system and allows the unit to run manually.

    The “Air / Water’ switch allows the automatic pump to be turned off. (AW480 only)

    The digital controller is water proof.

    COUPLINGS, Power  and Refrigeration:

    All electrical, water cooling and refrigeration couplings are located on the right side of the unit.

    Schraedar valves are fitted for easy service access.

    Refrigeration valves allow system pump-down.

    A decal with coupling legend, details connections.

    Separate fuses protect the pump and DC outlets. (AW480)



    1: ECO2 power management system is now standard with both models 

    2: Mains Power Converter: 

    This 250 watt power converter accepts *240 VAC and 12VDC. (*Also available as a USA model 110 VAC and 12VDC) It can remain connected to both AC and DC power as it automatically chooses to operate from  the highest voltage presented.  This solid state converter usually is fitted on the unit and is water proof. Converter kit Price $180.40. + GST



    FEATURES & System Protection:

    Standard system protection on both unit models:

    On all models the motor driver’s fail-safe provides the following protection: (After cut-out, restart is automatically attempted every 60 seconds)

    Low voltage and high voltage cut-out when on DC power supplies protects for compressor and batteries.

    Compressor over-load and over temperature cut-out.

    Compressor soft start. Six speed stepped ramp up eliminates harmful current rush and high consumption when starting.

    Start delay after any power disruption. (Prevents damaging rapid start attempts if the power supply is erratic.)

    Externally located, fuse protected power terminals for pump supply. (AW480 only)

    Spike arrestor to clamp and prevent any transient high voltages causing damage.

    External terminals for DC connection.

    Condenser thermostatically controlled to prevent over condensing. Fan speed varies on both A480 and AW480. The AW480 water pump cuts off automatically when not needed.

    Automatic compressor speed ramp up to maintain highest possible refrigeration output as evaporator temperature lowers. No start load.

    Models A480 and AW480 have LED fault indicator to advise if the system has defaulted. (Six warning sequences, all described in the operators manual


    Since 2010 when Danfoss stopped manufacturing their BD range of compressors, we now only provide systems powered by the proven Ozefridge Hermetic BE90 compressor for the A480 and AW480.  The BE90 compressor has greater capacity than the now obsolete Danfoss manufactured BD80, and much greater capacity than the old BD50 and BD35.

    To reduce stress on the motor driver (electronic unit) these compressors have soft start and transient voltage protection.

    See: Soft Start compressor Motor Drive Modules

    The success of the BE90 has allowed us to now offer a 5 year compressor warranty.

    Using a much larger compressor increases power draw whilst running but a proportionate decrease in running time means that the BE90 does the job much faster without using any more power overall and the compressor is doing it easy. This is particularly important with the optional ECO2 included as more thermal energy can be stored during periods of abundant power, resulting in lower overall demand on battery(s) at later times.


     Sketch of Condenser (Plan View)
    Ozefridge Multi-function condenser: (180mm x 180mm x 60mm. Conformal coated) AW480 only.


    This Ozefridge engineered condenser has two separate circuits. One circuit allows cooling ( yellow) of the refrigerant like a normal condenser, while the second circuit (blue) allows water to cool the actual condenser fins and therefore the refrigerant without having any direct contact with the refrigerant galleries. The common problem of stray current corrosion (electrolysis) is eliminated. The condensers are from cupro-nickel and conformal coated.

    Able to operate as an air only condenser with twin fans or air plus water cooling, ensures proper condensing in any environment especially tropical.

    Micro Pump Kit: (Included with AW480  condensing unit)

    The P3 micro pump kit includes a 12 volt centrifugal micro-pump, ten meters of food grade vinyl tubing and check valve. This kit is supplied standard with each AW480 Package.        Recycling your fresh water is a popular, harmless and trouble free method.  Using raw water can result in increased maintenance and electrolysis damage.Pump uses less than 00.4a/h.

    MANUFACTURE and Distribution:

    Our assembly process lines provide a clean and practical environment for the manufacture of these precision products. Completed systems are coupled, evacuated, and tested with their covers off providing access for leak testing and quality control inspection.

    AUSTRALIAN made in Northern Victoria. 

    The assembled system packages are again test run and inspected with individual system aspects documented.

    Quality control is top priority and, along with correct engineering, is the reason why Ozefridge has developed a reputation as a manufacturer of excellent products and backed with unequaled service.

    Packaging is important as systems are sent world-wide. Components are bubble wrapped then packed in a sturdy carton with air-bubble packers to prevent shipping damage. Australian delivery is via *Interparcel.com.au,  Internationally via UPS or DHL.  (*Highly recommend.)


    Ozefridge Industries Pty. Ltd. manufactures refrigeration system components to be installed by others and into a cabinet that has insulation properties etc. that we can not be assured of or have any control over. We offer our best assistance in choosing a system but do not guarantee cabinet temperature outcomes or the system’s ability or performance in this or any other quotation or statement.


    Ozefridge provides a minimum of 12 months warranty subject to the conditions described in the owners manual.

    Five year compressor Warranty. This warranty is limited to the supply of replacement parts by post or a complete unit rebuild if the unit is returned to Ozefridge. We do not reimburse costs incurred as a result of unauthorised work carried out by others.

    Please also note: *Although the Ozefridge system can be easily installed as a DIY project by following instructions in the owners manual, some countries including Australia require that the refrigeration pipe coupling etc., be done by a licensed person.


    Refrigeration systems operating under extreme conditions require specific engineering and build considerations to enable performance as expected.

    Typically they must withstand erratic power supplies of different voltages, rough movement, high ambient temperatures, corrosive environments, extreme angles etc., all whilst performing efficiently and quietly. Built-in fail-safe is essential, but battery power consumption is usually most important.

    Each application of marine refrigeration is somewhat unique, therefore we prefer to interact with our clients and address needs individually.
    Buying a refrigeration system off the shelf or without first addressing the relevant issues, will most likely end in tears!


    Multi-voltage eutectic refrigeration is all we do and we do it very well. At Ozefridge our manufacturing standards are focused on marine application where users demand best possible materials, build quality and performance.

    SERVICE, support and warranty? ……..24 / 7 but best ask an Ozefridge owner.

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