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     Install 12 or 24 volt Refrigeration into your cabinet….

    Typically suited to providing galley refrigeration for pleasure craft, motor homes and any remote off-grid situation. We can supply complete system packages with either low cost aluminium cyclic, or stainless steel eutectic cold plates. More….

    ……..Without Killing your Battery!

    Adding refrigeration can create new power problems. ECO2 power management provides the solution. Running whenever power is abundant reduces the demand on the battery increasing its life, and often eliminates the need for an additional battery. Apart from providing greater surety of refrigerated product storage, there are also cost, battery consumption and weight savings with a eutectic holdover system. (Not available on AS450 cyclic systems)  More…

                                        Australian made 12 Volt Refrigeration units from Au$899.00, Cold plates from Au$179.00.


      Left: Stainless steel eutectic plate located inside the cabinet. ….Hold-over refrigeration.

    The eutectic cold plate is connected to an Ozefridge AW480 air/ water cooled 12VDC refrigeration unit located elsewhere.



    Right: Each system is pre-gassed with the  safe  R134a refrigerant, ready to install. See ‘Packages’ page for full details..


    Soft Start Module video:              Soft Start compressor Motor Drive Modules
    Voltage Testing video:                http://www.ozefridge.com.au/?page_id=3017

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