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    Install 12 volt Refrigeration!

    Packages for adding 12 or *24 VDC and *240 VAC refrigeration to existing or new cabinets. (*Optional)

    Typically suited to providing galley refrigeration for pleasure craft, motor homes and any remote off-grid situation.                                               We have complete system packages suitable for most cabinet shapes and sizes.

    Each *D.I.Y. pre-gassed package includes all the components required to complete your refrigeration project, along with an installation / operators manual. Packages can be varied to suit a specific application.   Click to see ‘Packages’ available


    Above: The stainless steel eutectic plate is located
    inside the fridge cabinet and acts like a very
    low temperature renewable ice-block,
    storing thermal energy whenever electrical
    power is abundant. Hold-over refrigeration.

    Each system is pre-gassed with the safe R134arefrigerant, ready to install.

    Note: All comments and values quoted in this website, relate to operating as a domestic use refrigerator in typical Australian conditions and within an adequately insulated cabinet .




    Without Killing your Battery!

    Adding refrigeration can create new power problems. The built-in ‘ECO2’ power management provides the solution.

    To explain: Firstly all Ozefridge eutectic systems store up to a day or so’s refrigeration requirements in advance, usually involving only one or two long run periods per day. Cabinet temperatures are sustained by the eutectic mass. (Hold-over refrigeration… cooling in advance!) Other refrigeration types with virtually no similar hold-over ability, have to cycle once or twice per hour every hour, therefore consuming more power. Unlike the eutectic hold-over system, they rely on having constant battery power available every hour, 24 hours a day.

    Secondly, the built-in ECO2 power management monitors the power type and voltage available then causes the Ozefridge unit to automatically start up and run whenever power is abundant and also to automatically operate from the highest voltage presented.  Abundant power is whenever battery voltage reads above13.7 VDC, (power that would otherwise be wasted) or if 240 VAC is detected via the optional AC/DC converter.

    Running whenever power is abundant reduces the demand on the battery increasing its life, and often eliminates the need for an additional battery. Apart from providing greater surety of refrigerated product storage, there are also cost, battery consumption and weight savings with eutectic holdover and ECO2.





          Ozefridge systems are made in Australia, NOT Chinese or Italian imports!


    Refrigeration systems operating under extreme conditions require specific engineering and build considerations to enable performance as expected.

    Typically they must withstand erratic power supplies of different voltages, rough movement, high ambient temperatures, corrosive environments, extreme angles etc., all whilst performing efficiently and quietly.                               Built-in fail-safe is essential, but battery power consumption is usually the most important issue.

    Each application of marine refrigeration is somewhat unique, therefore we prefer to interact with our clients and address needs individually.
    Buying a refrigeration system off the shelf or without first addressing the relevant issues, will most likely end in tears!


    Multi-voltage eutectic refrigeration is all we do and we do it very well.

    At Ozefridge our manufacturing standards are focused on their marine applications where users demand best possible materials, build quality and performance.

    Service, support and now with 5 year compressor warranty.

    NEWS:  Ozefridge now manufactures a range of three stainless steel cold-plates sizes 400 x 350, 500 x 350 and 600 x 350. These can be coupled to the A480 for a lower cost refrigeration solution. Stainless not aluminium   More soon.



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